Sunday, April 29, 2007

Day 28 - April 29, 2007

I'm in Chicago waiting for my final flight home. I managed to make it through several goodbyes without becoming a total sap. We left at 9 am this morning for the Lynchburg Airport. Anthony and Janice drove Sara and I to the airport and after lots of hugs and some tears Sara and I got on the same plane to Charlotte. What a nice way to leave, a send-off and a friend to fly part way home with. Sara and I parted ways in Charlotte, she heading for NY on her way to Cape Cod and me to Chicago.

My fellowship at the Virginia Center For The Creative Arts was an awesome experience. I think that what I produced there in 4 weeks would have taken me 4 to 5 months in my studio. I have come away from there feeling very validated as a professional visual artist and with lots of new knowledge and information. The best part were the connections that I made with creative people from many areas of the world. Yesterday, with the help of my dear artist friends I managed to remove my canvases from the studio walls, roll and wrap them. Everything is well packaged and waiting in the studio for UPS to pick them up on Tuesday, May 1st. They will arrive in Vancouver on May 10th so if I'm looking stressed in the next 10 days you'll understand why. I feel like I've wrapped my babies in cardboard and put them on a bus! I've really appreciated all of the emails with good wishes that many of you have sent. Thanks for the support. A lot of you have said that you are anxious to see my new paintings. I just want to warn you that it may be awhile before this happens, they will be in transit and then they are too large to put on display in my current studio unless I do some major clearing. It will take me some time to figure out what to do with them and how to go about photographing them. My hope is to continue this coastal series and to secure an exhibit for them.

I'm sure that it will take me a few days to rest up and digest this experience. I'll see some of you after that. Thanks for the support.

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