Friday, April 6, 2007

Day 3 - April 4, 2007

I woke up tired but anxious to get to the studio. After a quiet breakfast I headed to work and spent a few minutes with my back to my canvas and then did a quick twirl and voila! It is vibrant and very Van Goghish and I like it!

I spent the day working over the under painting, creating a twirling, windy sky and serious distant landforms, the center ones glowing green. After a very social and interesting lunch with another painter and several writers I headed to my room to recharge my ipod. I lay down to stretch my back and woke up an hour later. Who but another painter would believe how exhausting it is to play with paint all day?

There was some good wine and lots of lively chitchat at my dinner table tonight. Most of the creative people come from various areas of the US with the exception of myself, Reiza from Paris and Augustine from Nigeria.

After dinner Canyon Sam from San Francisco showed a video of a one-woman play that she wrote and acted in. I am awestruck by her talent. She is a bright, gentle and kind woman who gave me some Airborne that knocked my cold out of me.

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