Monday, April 16, 2007

Day 11 to 14 - April 12 to 15, 2007

I've been painting on my large canvas, my coastal diptych. The colours are exciting me and even though it is difficult and tiring work I am having a blast. I mostly keep things quiet in the studio so that I can hear the birds outside my window but when my energy wanes I put on my headphones and turn on the tunes. This beautiful studio space with large white walls, wonderful light that comes from a good size window, a skylight and spots is a welcoming place to be. I am able to translate the energy of the landscape into my brushstroke here. Yesterday was exciting as I experienced what the impressionist painters must have experienced in their work. I was painting a long passage with tiny brushstrokes of pale colours layered over a vibrant yellow and orange background and the canvas started to shimmer. It was mesmerizing. By the time I was done I felt very Zen-like as though I had been meditating or perhaps under hypnosis. The other thing that I have found is that I am coming up with a flood of ideas for new work in this series and ways that I can expand on it. Having blocks of time to work is invaluable and I'm determined to try to eliminate some of my distractions once I get home so that my days are not so broken.

My shoulders and back are quite knotted and sore from painting long hours. Before we left Missouri Geoff gave me a hot water bottle which I am thankful for. I'm looking forward to my massage tomorrow. Someone had amazing insight when they arranged for a massage therapist to come here a few times a week! I have been taking breaks from my work and have headed outdoors to run and I did a hike to Crabtree Falls with some of the other visual artists and writers that I've gotten to know. I've also been to the pool again at Sweet Briar College. Today Jan and I drove Canyon to Charlottesville so she could visit some of her friends that moved here from Tibet. When we arrived they invited us into their home for tea which was delightful.

The weather has been sunny and bright up until the past few days. It poured today and I find that the rain reminds me of Vancouver and I'm feeling homesick!

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  1. Your work is awesome, so colorful! The biggest ally of the artist is space and time. This is where we create our Masterpieces, as I see you are already doing! I'm glad you are enjoying this time! Can't wait to do it myself!

    With love, Asata :)