Friday, April 6, 2007

Day 5 - April 6, 2007

It's 3 pm and I've finished my first large piece, an 8' x 3' coastal scene with lots of drama and movement. I'm very excited by it because it conveys the mood that I was feeling when I experienced it on our trip up the coast in 2005. I challenged myself to work differently, a lot more spontaneously than I do in my studio and I plan to push myself even more so in the next piece. Being here allows me to 'put myself into character' as the writers say and stay there for days on end as there is nothing else to do here but be absorbed in the work.

I'm going to celebrate my fait accompli by going for a run on the trails in the woods. I feel my next image brewing inside of me so after some scenic inspiration, fresh air and exercise I'll head to my drawing table in the studio. It is situated in front of a large window that faces a small rustic barn and some old silos. Amazing! I certainly don't miss the large trucks that rumble by my Vancouver studio!

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  1. Hello Aunt Cheryl.I enjoyed reading about your first few days and hope to continue to hear more from you. Have a great time.
    Love Deanna