Sunday, September 14, 2008

Friday, September 12, 2008

It’s been difficult to blog as I’ve been painting until I’m ready to drop into bed. I’m loving my studio and am developing some new ideas. I’m working with images of trees again in my current pieces. I’ve been wanting to do more tree paintings and I’m sure that the large and varied trees on the grounds here and at Sweet Briar have influenced me. I am completely wrapped up in it all and am learning a lot as my work progresses.

Tomorrow afternoon will be adventure time. Some of John’s cousins, 2 from Richmond VA and 2 from Washington DC are coming for a visit. I’ll show them around this amazing place and we will do a winery tour. Yes, there are several wineries in Virginia. I will try to post some photos of local scenery in the next few days.

I hear that the weather is lovely in Vancouver. It’s a good thing that it is warm here so I don’t have to be envious. It is 11:02 pm and I’m running the air conditioner! It’s a little muggy but I’m not complaining. Oh there is a cricket in my studio! Last night a black snake found it’s way into the hallway and caused some excitement. There are also some lovely small black lizards with bright turquoise tails hanging around the studio barn. It’s a good thing that they are small creatures. I have a fairly long walk back to the residence and it is very dark here. Cheers!

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